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"I have been using the GALYNA skincare the last couple of days and LOVE the line of products! I think what you're doing with the 1:1 ratio 300mg is super potent + powerful ~ the dream creme has made my face so soft and the repair has been great on my arms (and I've been rubbing the soothe into my neck)"

- Emily McCarter


"I have all 3 products, but my favorite thus far has been REPAIR. I use it frequently on my feet because I am often barefoot/in sandals over the summer and my feet can always use some TLC - it has kept them feeling fresh and has quickly healed the natural
imperfections that arise from dancing barefoot at Red Rocks ETC :) But most recently, I am loving REPAIR for a scrape on my knee. I've been using it 2-3x per day and the scrape is healing quickly and not bothering me at all. So grateful for this product!"

- Megan L

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