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Innovation, Efficacy and Transparency

Our Mission: Your Well-Being

The GALYNA™ mission is to provide science-based, all-natural, topical skincare products, by enhancing the full potential of cannabinoid science to help people take better care of their most essential barrier – the skin.

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Our Vision:
Accessible & Adaptable

Our advanced skincare formulations are the result of research backed science, and designed to be used in sync with your lifestyle and existing personal care regime, by anyone over the age of 21. We aim to be completely transparent about our research and results, and to continue expanding our knowledge for future product development.

Our People:
Industry Experts

The GALYNA™ team boasts multiple doctorates, organic formulators from the biggest skin care laboratories and cannabis industry pioneers. We’ve enlisted the expertise of scientists, whose research work is focused on innovating, testing and developing bio-solutions that allow us to gain a greater understanding of the effects of various cannabinoids on the human body. With their help, we are continuously adapting and improving our formulas, to bring you the highest-quality products.

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